Stair Chairs, Stairlifts, Wheelchair Lifts and Home Elevators in Port Huron, Michigan


Port Huron, MI Mobility Solutions: Stairlifts, Platform Lifts and Home Elevators

Adaptive Environments is the trusted stair lift resource for people who live in and around Port Huron, Michigan. During our current era, the population is aging at a rapid pace, and mobility can become a challenge for senior citizens. And of course, there are people of all ages who have difficulty negotiating stairs. A chair lift can provide a solution, and we have installed stair lifts into countless Port Huron homes during the three decades plus that we have been in business.

When you have been around since 1985, you gain a thorough understanding of the stair chair business, and you know how to identify quality products. We want to install nothing but the best, so we source our stair lifts from the Stannah company. This is a family company that started making industrial lifts in the 1860s, and they adapted their expertise to the production of quality modern stair chairs in 1975. They have well over half a million satisfied customers, and they offer a wide range of models that can satisfy every budget and staircase configuration.

Home Elevators

A home elevator can be another option for many people with mobility challenges, and we also source top-quality home elevators from the leading manufacturers. Even if you can negotiate stairs without a great deal of difficulty, imagine the convenience that you would gain if you didn’t have to carry groceries or laundry up and down stairs. Plus, many opulent homes are equipped with elevators, so the benefits are well known. These days, you don’t have to be a multimillionaire to enjoy the convenience that a home elevator can provide.

Wheelchair Lifts in Port Huron, Michigan

Wheelchair lifts can make a huge difference for people who get around in wheelchairs, and we provide customers with top-quality wheelchair lift installations. These lifts are alternately referred to as platform lifts, and we can provide you with the ideal solution if a wheelchair lift will enhance your mobility and improve your quality of your life.

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We have provided some basic information about our stair lifts, platform lifts, and home elevators here, but you can get detailed answers to all of your questions if you speak with one of our experts. You can reach one of our Port Huron, MI stair lift consultants toll-free at (800) 355-5438, and our local number is (586) 739-9300.