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Never let your stairs restrict your mobility inside your abode. By installing a stair lift, you can have easy access to every floor in your abode. Right from helping you climbing up and down a domestic staircase to getting up to your porch, battery-operated stair lifts makes getting around very easy wherever you want to go. A very practical, affordable and reliable solution mainly for those people who often face accessibility and mobility problems within their own abodes but want to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle without having to move to a new place, battery-operated stair lifts can be installed onto any set of staircases. A track is placed on one side of the staircases in which self-operated chairs, known as chair lifts travels up and down the stairs. However, do remain confident with both our unique models for stair lifts and chair lifts at Adaptive Environments which are professionally installed by licensed installers in Michigan in USA since they enable maximum control for the user and regains his or her independence. Continue reading to learn more…

Disabled access using a stair lift is actually considered to be a lifesaver

If you are having frequent problems with climbing and descending the stairs of your abode, then a battery operated stair lift can help solve your problem. A stair lift uses a rechargeable battery that allows it to operate even when there is no power. A fully charged battery usually provides a user with round about 35 trips before it requires charging for the second time. Stair lifts also have obstacle sensors to make sure that you never experience a jam in the middle of the staircase. Moreover, when the stair lift is not in use, the chair folds up to provide clear access to the stairs for other disabled people.

We are dedicated to solving your accessibility issues and providing safety at an affordable price

At Adaptive Environment, complete satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and thus we make sure that all our stair chairs are backed with customer support, award-winning design, and proven reliability. Choose from our wide selection of stair lifts and customize them to solve any unique challenge faced by your abode. Browse through our website to see all the variety of options we offer for stair lift and whatever your requirements are, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

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