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Adaptive Environments offers Stairlifts, Chair Lifts, and Stair Chairs throughout the State of Michigan.

Derek Nowak: Hello, Derek Nowak here with Adaptive Environments. Are you or a loved one having difficulty managing the stairs? Is there a safety concern? Then a starlift may just be your solution. We design, install, and service stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, and home elevators. We have a complete working showroom and we are totally local. Stay in the home you love. Adaptive Environments removes the barriers so you can depend on yourself. Call now for a no obligation measurement and save $200.

Adaptive Environments offers premium Stairlift brands like Stannah

About Stannah

Stannah is recognized around the world as the company that brings freedom, independence and a strong sense of safety back to anyone who has difficulty overcoming the challenges posed by the stairs in their home. Indoors and outdoors, around the world there are more Stannah stairlifts in place than any other brand.

Ever since Stannah was established as a family-owned company almost 150 years ago, we have been committed to quality craftsmanship. Safety, reliability, and value are the tools of our trade, while you, our customer, are our primary focus. We want you to understand and enjoy freedom, independence and the inescapable feeling of pride that comes from being the master of your home.

Excellence, Experience, Trust

Founded in 1867, Stannah Stairlifts is a fifth-generation family business, where customer service, quality and safety come first. We have been challenging and setting standards in stairlift design for more than 40 years. With over 600,000 satisfied customers, Stannah is a name you can trust!

Why choose Stannah?

As a careful consumer, you’re doing the right thing researching the stairlift companies before you buy. Let us tell you why we think you should choose us:

Safety: Your Priority, Our Priority

We use safety features ranging from seat belts to obstruction detection sensors. At every step in the design, manufacturing and installation process, we test our stairlifts to ensure they offer complete safety.

The Highest Quality

We are committed to providing the highest standards of quality. Our designs, our workmanship and our customer service all combine to ensure you receive a stairlift that perfectly meets your needs while going that extra step further to surpass your expectations.

Skilled Technicians and Installers

At Stannah, we rely on courteous professionals to deliver and install our stairlifts. They calibrate and test the installation, clean up after themselves and ensure you understand exactly how to use it.

Local Support

With trained technicians from Adaptive Environments expert advice is just a phone call away. You can be sure of help if you ever need it.

Why Stannah?

They make ascending and descending the staircase as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • They can be adjusted to fit virtually any staircase. There’s no construction required and it takes less than a day to install one.
  • Stannah stairlifts are designed with a variety of safety features.
  • Stannah stairlifts are backed by the Industry’s best warranty.
  • Stannah stairlifts are designed to suit your home. We offer a variety of styles, upholsteries and finishes for you to choose from.
  • Stannah stairlifts fold neatly away when not in use, ensuring there is still plenty of room on and around the stairs.

Watch Kathy Ireland’s interview with Nick Stannah

What you can expect from Stannah

  • Safety
  • Peace of Mind
  • Freedom in Your Home

A Stannah stairlift will fit any staircase, wide, narrow, curved or straight

Our three most popular stairlifts: Custom built to fit you and your home – choices of colors, fabrics and finishes



Designed for comfort on any staircase



A fully customizable stairlift with options to match any style home



Built to withstand harsh weather conditions

A Stannah Stairlift Just for You

The right stairlift for your home? It doesn’t just depend on whether your staircase is straight or curved, narrow or wide. It depends on the style of your home. It depends on your needs, on who you are. That’s why Stannah offers a range of stairlifts, in a range of colors, fabrics and finishes.

We’ll show you everything we have to offer and help you choose the right model for your staircase and home.


The Premium Stairlift for Comfort, Style and Safety

Key benefits:

  • Added Comfort – We add a slight backwards pitch to the chair, which gives you extra comfort and adds to your safety.
  • Easy In, Easy Out – The footrest raises and lowers with the push of a button, making it easier for you to get in and out of the chair.
  • Extra Safety – The hand control will not move the stairlift unless there is at least 40lbs of pressure on the seat. In other words, it won’t budge an inch unless you’re properly seated. (You can still move the unloaded stairlift using the remote control).
  • Plenty of Options – From fabrics to colors, what would look best in your home?

Suitable for:

  • Straight stairs
  • Curved stairs
  • Narrow stairs

Styling options:

starla-style1 starla-style2 starla-style3 starla-style4 starla-style5


Suited to All Indoor Staircases

Key benefits:

  • Choose Your Seat – Available with a narrow seat or a wide seat for a more comfortable ride. Let us know what suits you!
  • Longer Armrests – Our longer armrests give you solid support for getting in and out of the chair.
  • Easy In, Easy Out – The footrest raises and lowers with the push of a button, making it easier for you to get in and out of the chair. For stairs that turn, the footrest is controlled by a small lever below the armrest.
  • Narrow stairs? No problem – The Siena features a curved seatback. Not only is it extra comfortable, it keeps you close to the wall and your knees away from the opposite side of the stairs.

Suitable for:

  • Straight stairs
  • Curved stairs
  • Narrow stairs

Styling options:

siena-style1 siena-style2 siena-style3 siena-style4 siena-style5 siena-style6


A Perfect Blend of Quality and Value

Key benefits:

  • An Affordable Stairlift – The Scout is equipped with exceptional features as standard, just as you’d expect from a Stannah.
  • Ideal for basement stairs – The Scout is designed for stairs with a door at the top, making it a perfect fit for basement stairs.
  • Quality Design – While the Scout is our most affordable model, it is made with many of the proven components and safety features also found on our Siena and Starla chairs.
  • Easy to use Hand Control – The hand control is ergonomically designed, so you can use any part of your hand to operate the stairlift – ideal for arthritic fingers.

Suitable for:

  • Straight stairs

Styling options:



For People with Limited Flexibility

Key benefits:

  • Stand-Up Seating – You’re seated in a fully supported, near-standing position. Perfect if you suffer from back problems or have difficulty bending your knees.
  • Easy In, Easy Out – We calibrate the stairlift to your height, with a tilting seat to make getting in and out even easier.
  • Safe and Secure – The stairlift will not budge an inch until the seat belt is fastened (unless you’re moving it with the remote).
  • Perfect for Narrow Stairs – This unobtrusive stairlift is perfect for narrow stairs.

Suitable for:

  • Straight stairs
  • Narrow stairs

Styling options:



Giving You the Freedom to Enjoy the Outdoors

Key benefits:

  • Safety Plus – This stairlift detects obstructions and gives you a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs all year round.
  • Weather Resistant – Dust? Heavy rain? Not a problem for this stairlift. It even works in the extreme cold and comes with a cover to guard against ice and snow.
  • Great for Groceries – The seat belt can serve as a cargo strap for sending groceries upstairs with the remote control.
  • Out of the Way – This stairlift folds away and you can lock the controls to prevent unauthorized use.

Suitable for:

  • Straight stairs
  • Narrow stairs

Styling options:


Adaptive Environments Makes Stairs

As Easy As 1, 2, 3


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  • Installation
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